PRA Project


PRA PHP is a simple framework being developed by Redalan that handles URL routing to implement a controller view model, database access, email sending and error handling.

PRA PHP was born as a project that simplifies the use of the most common tasks, that takes into account development and production servers, but that leaves all the power to the development team, implementing the basic tasks that are expected in a php framework.

As a difference (which many will not like) it does not force you to rely on classes like most frameworks of this type. Only the PRA class will give the developer access to all its functions.

PRA PHP is a project that will be released as open source on GitHub. More information coming soon.


PRA TAGS is another open source project by Redalan as a css framework that includes some JS tools.

PRA TAGS implements a system of CSS variables (e.g. for colours) and grid management in a basic and simple way, but it is not intended to have a code full of classes. While they can be abused, PRA TAGS is intended for HTML layout designers who prefer to have control and customisation of their objects, offering PRA TAGS as a help and not as a global design template manager.

PRA TAGS facilitates the use of menus, cards, meshes and other CSS/HTML aspects without being intrusive. In fact, to use PRA CSS classes and tags you must specify the block where they will take effect (from the body, to a specific div or section).

It is currently in an alpha version and is used by many of the Redalan utilities. It will be published in due course on Github for global use.

More information coming soon.