What is START?

START is an utility that you can use, totally free, as the home page of your browser. It helps you link to your preferred search engine, and even adding useful shortcuts for efficient use.

In this first version the Google engine is used by default. Soon you will be able to configure which search engine to use.

You also have shortcuts in the search field. For example, to go to Twitter, you just have to type it and you will access it directly without going through ineffective searches. These types of wildcards will be expanded in different versions of Start.

Is it really free or am I the product?

Most of the time, on the internet, if something is free, you are the product. This is not the case with START.

We do not collect any personal information from you. And we have also chosen not to embed advertising. But we do get funding to maintain this utility (or we intend to). How? There are certain links, which when accessing from Start include an affiliation code. It will not affect you at all, nor will your information be collected. For example, if you access certain online stores from Start, we will include our affiliate code so that that store will earn us a commission. But it will cost you all the same. We only tell the site in question that we have taken you.

What will START offer me?

Soon, you will be able to, completely anonymously, without registration or anything, configure many aspects of Start.

From including quick links to 'famous' sites to utilities that will help you copy and paste text between your devices and much more that we are going to think of.

Do you have a moment?

If you can and want, you can help us to grow this utility and not include advertising or payment services.

If you like START , and you can afford it, can you help us with a euro?

Go to Paypal for donation