Include your favourites

Too often we search for things we already have in our favourites. So now, START allows you to include your bookmarks to take them into account in your searches.

To do this, export your browser's bookmarks and include the file here to START.

* No information is transmitted to the START server. This utility runs locally in your browser.

*No information is transmitted to the START server.

Set it as Start

To set START as the start page in your browser, you'll have to do it manually, but it's really easy.

Custom Name

Customise START with your company name or your pseudonym. It will be saved locally in your browser.

Custom Search Engine

Define whether you want to use Google or DuckDuckGo as your search engine in START.

Something wrong?

If you think something is not working or has malfunctioned, try deleting the information (none personal) stored by START in your browser to restart the utility.

You will lose any settings you have made in START, including bookmarks added to START. Nothing you can't reconfigure.

Have you got a moment?

If you can and want to, you can help us make this utility grow and not include advertising or paid services.

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